Therapeutic Horsemanship

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Equine assisted activities and therapies.



Our program uses a series of groundwork exercises designed to provide veterans, their family members, health care professionals, therapy providers and staff, first-hand experience how using equine assisted activities and therapies can effect lasting physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual change and growth.

¨ Break patterns of isolation associated with trauma.

 ¨ Create a safe space to share triumphs and challenges.

 ¨ Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.

 ¨ Learn and practice emotional regulation, distress tolerance and resilience.

 ¨ New skills that can lead to increased self-confidence and self-worth resulting in hope and healing.

 ¨ Emotional awareness and forgiveness.

Learn how horses facilitate lasting breakthroughs.


Our workshops focuses on the deep well-being of the horse and human, teaching participants practical skills that develop timing, balance and feel with horses. These skills allow participants to experience for themselves, their own personal reflection in the ‘undistorted mirror’ that horses provide.

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