Do I have to bring my own horse?

Yes, you do have to bring your own horse. We do not have lesson horses available. However, auditing is always encouraged (there is a small fee). It's amazing how much you can learn by watching.


Who teaches the Monthly Clinics?

Both Greg and Peter teach the monthly clinics. They offer the unique opportunity to train with two master horsemen teaching together in a group setting.


What do I need to bring to the clinic?

For the clinic you should bring your saddle, bridle, rope halter with 12ft lead rope. We have a few available if you need to borrow one. You can bring a flag if you have one.

In addtion to those items, if you are keeping your horse here at 3PE, you need to bring hay, grain and supplements, muck tub and water buckets.


Why is riding in a group so beneficial?

One thing 70+ years of experience has taught us is how to teach and how to learn. Early on we recognized that there is an increased opportunity to learn in a small group that a single lesson doesn’t provide. Riders will observe and absorb many details by watching other riders learn.