The value of working in groups

One thing 70+ years of experience has taught us is how to teach and how to learn. Early on we recognized that there is an increased opportunity to learn in a small group that a single lesson doesn’t provide. Riders will observe and absorb many details by watching other riders learn.

Immersion Phase

Immersion starts with an evaluation of the state of the horses movement and frame of mind. Braces are identified and a plan of action is designed to eliminate the braces and begin the journey to softness.
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Refinement Phase

This second phase begins to concentrate on the individual goals of each horse and rider combination. At this stage students will be consistently working with Suppleness, Straightness and Impulsion.
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Mastery Phase

Master Your Discipline
The third and final phase, combines and helps riders apply all the elements from the Immersion and Refinement Phases to achieve their chosen goals. Bridle horses, Dressage and Eventing, 3rd Level and above.
"Love the horse more than you love the sport."
∼ Greg Eliel

Options that work around your schedule...

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