“When you control the feet you control the mind.

When you control the mind anything is possible.” ~ Greg Eliel


Note: If you would like to register for a 3 Pillars Clinic or Event we must receive a completed application and a non-refundable security deposit. Please contact us for clinic applications. 

Mar 15 & 29


Introduction to Ranch Roping

Embrace your inner cowboy with our roping ground skills classes. No horses required for these classes. We have extra lariats for you to use if you don't have your own. Everyone is welcome!

One of the many benefits of roping we have observed is the increased hand eye coordination which directly correlates to the quality a rider can offer through their reins. Learn everything you ever want to know about ranch roping. Lariat types, differences and uses. Rope management and how to apply these practical skills with your horse and in your daily riding.

Pre-registration is required. Limited number of participants.

Cost: $40 per class  -  Saturdays and/or Sundays
Last two dates of this winter!
March 15 & 29 - 10:00-11:30am




Jan - March

Enlightened Horseman Series

Winter classroom workshop

Winter classroom workshop provides riders with a fun series designed to inspire you, sharpen your mind, develop your eye, and expand your base of knowledge as an additional step to support your goals. One evening each week for 12 weeks.

Class is full. No auditing available.

Topics and content of this series will include, but are not limited to:

  • Video review, assessments and discussion regarding movement, braces, problem solving and how to achieve straightness, suppleness and impulsion.
  • How elements of classical dressage apply to every rider and every ride.
  • Article and book reviews and discussion.
  • How to accomplish more with less.
  • Why and how what we do works and how to apply it to your specific goals.
  • Movement as it relates to lameness.
  •  How you can apply elements of classical horsemanship in every day riding to increase performance.


Sat & Sun, March 21-22

Control & Confidence Clinic

Auditors welcomed.

When you control the feet, you control the mind.

Imagine one of those dreaded moments when something really startles your horse, triggering its instinctive flight response, and the fear and frustration that brings up in you. Now imagine a new partnership in which your horse stops, thinks, and looks to you for leadership rather than reacting in fear in that same situation. You and your horse can have this level of communication and mutual trust, which will not only help keep you both safe, but will also be the foundation for a whole lot more fun together! We can help you get there.

While some riders look to desensitize their horses, at 3 Pillars we want our horses to retain their sensitivity and responsiveness, while gaining the ability to respond safely and sensibly when the unexpected happens. In this unique clinic you’ll learn how to create a place of comfort for your horse when anxiety-triggering events happen at home, on the trail, or at a show. Gain a new understanding of how your horse is feeling in those reactive moments, and learn the skills to be your horse’s leader by directing their feet to regain control in even the scariest situations.

During this clinic you’ll be expertly guided through the following exercises and more as communication and confidence-building opportunities between you and your horse:

  • Standing quietly for calm, safe mounting and dismounting
  • Gaining relaxation around spooky, blowing objects
  • Responding safely to movement from all sides and above the horse’s head

Whether you’re a longtime student of 3 Pillars or just beginning your horsemanship journey with us, this clinic is an outstanding opportunity to learn the skills and leadership you need to work with your horse’s innate nature to create the calmness and responsiveness you’ve always dreamed of.

Cost: $300 for both days
Auditors welcomed: $20 per day


Sat & Sun - March 14-15

Groundwork Classes

Every problem has a cause – Every rider can find the solution.

Impatient, pushy, spooky, anxious or green? Horses carrying tension and braces often exhibit behavioral problems. The solutions start on the ground and carry into the saddle. Crack the code to a relaxed horse with Greg’s masterful communication techniques and systematic approach to achieve unity.

  • Relieve anxiety and tension
  • Strengthen your bond and confidence
  • Establish clear communication
  • Build a safe and respectful partnership
  • Achieve your riding goals
Class times: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Cost: $150 per day
Auditing welcomed: $20 per day


Sat & Sun, April 4-5

Trail Clinic

Trail ride with confidence.

Build safe, practical trail skills with master clinician Greg Eliel. Solve common problems that cause you anxiety, or just get warmed up for a great season.

¨ Support your horse at a higher level.

¨ Relieve anxiety.

¨ Work on problems.

¨ Exposure to obstacles and new terrain.

¨ Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Sat & Sun, April 4-5

(Rain date: April 18-19)

Class time: 12:00-3:00pm
Cost: $300 for both days.




June 12-14

Horsemanship Clinic


Immersion Level: 9:00am-12:00pm

Refinement Level: 1:30pm-4:30pm – (Immersion or horsemanship 1 required)

$400.00 for 3 days, all 3 days required

Monday June 15th – Private lessons available


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