Groundwork Series 

The solution to nearly all performance and behavioral problems starts right here!

Building a solid relationship with your horse starts on the ground.

This class develops the feel, timing and balance needed for your horse to be soft, responsive and respectful on the ground, which directly transfers to under saddle. We focus on the deep well-being of the horse, teaching both horsemanship ideals and technical skills that will help you build trust, resulting in better communication and a stronger connection with your horse.

Quarterly School

Our Quarterly Schools are a progressive series of sessions. This format is designed for riders with a busy lifestyle who refuse to let work or a hectic schedule get in the way of their equine journey.

Each rider participates in a weekly 2-hour session for 12 weeks in a row. Each session builds on the prior weeks work. Groups are kept small enough to provide individual attention, but big enough to maximize learning.

This is, by far, the most economical way to progress through the 3 phases of training.


Weekend Clinics

We have taken our successful 4-day format and broken it into 2-day weekend clinics.  As serious as many of us are about becoming better riders and increasing the performance of our horses, finding time to travel, attend and recover from an intense clinic can be difficult to do. Our solution is simple, make it as easy as possible. No extended time away from work, families, and commitments. Just an ongoing education steeped in a deep understanding of horse and human psychology and the traditions of good riding. This is a group activity. The numbers are designed to maximize learning and also provide the individual help that riders need.

Private Lessons

Every week private lessons are available to address the specific needs of horse's and/or rider’s, also for supplemental learning.


Are you ready for a deeper connection with your horse?

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