Never underestimate the power of cross-training!


Working Equitation

Combines the beauty and precision of classical dressage, the thrill of speed events, the accuracy of a trail class and the skill set of a working ranch horse.

It is designed to demonstrate the harmonious partnership and physical mastery of horse and rider in a working environment.

Ride and Review

Offers participants the unique opportunity to watch themselves ride, then discuss and receive feedback on their strengths and on how to improve areas of weakness. Riders then apply what they have learned, as practical skills under saddle. They take home their personal video, as well as a detailed plan of action to improve their performance. We have seen as much as 25% improvement in problem areas, in just one ride after a video review session.

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Cowtrac Mechanical Cow System

Mimics positioning, stopping, and turns found in cow work, without the need for the need for live cattle. Riders working on the Cowtrac will find the clarity of communication and the accuracy enhances their performance regardless of discipline.


Benefits for you

  • Confidence
  • Balance
  • Accuracy
  • Clarity of communication
  • Increased preparedness
  • New experience

Benefits for your horse

  • Hindquarter engagement
  • Shoulder control
  • Improved transitions
  • Increased impulsion
  • Movement in balance
  • Patience

Enlightened Horseman Series

Winter classroom workshop - Provides riders with a fun series designed to inspire you, sharpen your mind, develop your eye, and expand your base of knowledge as an additional step to support your goals. One evening each week for 12 weeks.

"To get something you've never gotten, you must give something you've never given,"

~Ray Hunt.



We offer very limited boarding to students seeking to advance their skills in our working horsemanship program.

Full board can includes a customized training package.

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